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About Us

Who We Are

FiltersShipped.com is a premier retailer of high-quality air filtration products for homes and commercial properties. Family owned and operated in Florida, and we offer top-notch customer service and excellent products at affordable prices. As a dedicated marketplace run by a passionate team and over 35 years in the air filtration business, our goal has been to continuously meet the growing air filter needs, while building long term business relationships with our customers. Before launching our brand to emphatically solve indoor air quality challenges, we’ve been a pioneer in the air filtration market and industry serving both homes and commercial space owners across the country. Today we have evolved as a market leader and master with expertise in bringing innovative and superior quality air filtration technology to customers worldwide.

Our Products

At FiltersShipped.com, we stock premium quality air filters that are made in the USA. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of air filtration enable us to find and bring the finest and most cost-effective air filters for your home and office. We understand the effects of air contaminants and airborne allergens in our environment. We believe that issues continue to get complicated with low quality and costly air filters reaching the global market. As the need for fresh air continues to intensify, we focus on changing the face of the market by providing our customer the latest and highest quality air filtration products thoughtfully designed to create clean air and better indoor air quality.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of your health and wellness by offering great products that improve the quality of air in your space. We aim to guarantee your comfort and relaxation as we continually strive to bring the best and most cost-effective air filter products at friendly prices possible.