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One-4-ALL Pad Instructions

Pre-Filter Installation Instructions

Please refer to your owner's manual for additional instructions and safety guidelines.
  1. Turn off power and remove plug from power source.

  2. See your unit's owners manual for instructions to remove old pre-filter.

  3. Place old pre-filter on top of new "One-4-ALL" filter. Cut to match size. If the old pre-filter is missing, cut filter to match the circumference of existing air filter. For box shape filters, cut to match front of existing air filter. Note: Do not cut pre-filter to extend over edges.

  4. Save remaining pre-filter if there is sufficient material to use as a second pre-filter. Wrap in plastic bag for next use.

  5. Replace filter assembly and return plug to power source.

  6. For optimum performance, change pre-filter every 2-3 months.

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